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It All Started With A Bunny

How does a 37 year old guy have over 25 years of Marketing experience?

In trying to figure out the math, a puzzled look is usually the first reaction I get.

Then I share my story…


For the most part, I was your average Mid-Western kid born and raised in the Suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Like most boys, I spent my time with school work, playing with friends, annoying my little sister, and pushing the boundaries with my parents.  Unlike most kids my age however, those things didn’t hold my attention for too long.  I had this inexplicable captivation with Business. Luckily for me, I had two loving parents who supported and nurtured my interests… and it all started with a Bunny.

My parents gave me a pet Bunny whom I named “Sampson.”  He was the cutest and softest, floppy eared bunny a boy could want!  He entertained me for hours on end;  and I read every book I could get my hands on about the care and responsibilities of owning a pet rabbit.  All the neighborhood kids were infatuated with Sampson, and they seemed to always be knocking at the door asking if they could play with him.  The Easter Season was approaching, and I got an idea.  With my new found expertise, I could make money selling Bunnies to the neighborhood kids for Easter!  I needed to get to work fast, and first on my list was convincing my parents to get me another bunny.  I don’t recall if I shared my intentions with my parents at the time, but with the sales skills that only an incessantly persistent little kid could have, I quickly had a second bunny with which to execute my master plan.

Sampson and his new girlfriend liked each other… A LOT!  Before I knew it, my inventory was on its way!

Now I knew the neighborhood kids would be an easy target; their parents however would likely require a more sophisticated sales approach. They were going to tell my friends “It’s too much work, and you don’t know the first thing about taking care of a pet rabbit.”  At the ripe ‘ole age of 11 years old, armed with some pencils, paper, and my new electric typewriter, I set out to create my first Branding materials and facilitate my first Marketing Strategy.

I don’t remember exactly how much money I made with my first venture, but I do remember that it was successful… every single bunny found a loving home! More importantly I discovered at a young age, an uncanny talent and passion for Marketing.  The seeds were planted.


My Mission Evolved


Over the next several years I sought opportunities to perfect my skills and learn from those whom I admired.  Beginning with my first “adult” job as a Radio Advertising Account Executive (part time while still in high school), through various Sales jobs while attending The University of WI – Milwaukee,  I was learning as I was doing.  My next entrepreneurial endeavor would combine my personal love of Fitness with my Branding and Marketing abilities.  At 26 years old I created a Corporate Wellness Company with a business partner and we sought to fill a void in the local market by providing Personal Training and Wellness services to the growing corporate population of the City of Milwaukee and suburbs.  While we enjoyed some modest recognition, our concept was a bit more advanced for the area at the time.   The disappointment of my realization would soon turn into an opportunity for the next major chapter in my life… a move to Los Angeles!

In 2001 I was offered an opportunity to develop a similar Corporate Wellness Program for a local high-end health club franchise in Los Angeles.  Having never even visited Los Angeles, I decided to take the leap of faith and make my mark in the “big city.”  I have called it home away from home ever since!

2001 was an interesting time in the Marketing Industry.  This was the period directly following the dot com bust and businesses of all sizes were just learning to leverage the power of the Internet .  Finding ways to incorporate Online Marketing Strategies with traditional Branding and Customer Acquisition efforts became a new passion of mine, and one at which I excelled.  I quickly realized success online has less to do with what you’re selling, and more to do with how you’re selling.  You don’t have to have the best product or service ever created… you just have to be able to sell it better than anyone else!  For me,  the “secret” lies in the details… the Online Marketing Details!

  • E Commerce
  • Fashion
  • Publishing/Print
  • Health / Beauty / Fitness
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Consumer Products
  • Entertainment
  • PR
  • Lifestyle Brands


As an Executive- level Marketing Professional I’ve spent my career helping “big Brands” grow, as well as learning invaluable lessons from those smaller businesses who couldn’t quite put the equation together on their own.

In 2011,  I decided to change the direction of my career.  While the tools of Online Marketing may be the same regardless of a particular Industry, the strategies employed to optimize them are unique to each Brand and their consumers.  Working independently has allowed me to obtain invaluable insight and working experience across multiple platforms and industries.  It has afforded me the unique perspective to see what works and what does not work – exclusive of the limitations of a corporate environment.

With the support of a vast network of colleagues, mentors, and dedicated Team Members I am to lend my skills and expertise to Small Business owners and “big Brands” alike.

– Christopher Drewa

Owner – OnlineMarketingDetails.com

 Google Certified Online Marketing Expert

Christopher Drewa, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author