Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing was once a very rewarding and high returning online marketing option for small business owners and big Brands alike. With the advent of Social Media Marketing combined with stricter quality assurance measures by search engines, many affiliate webmasters were squeezed out of business.

There are no quick fixes to Affiliate Marketing. The simple fact is… if you cannot generate sales and leads from your own website, Affiliate webmasters won’t be able too!

A mismanaged Affiliate Marketing program can also lead to your Brand message being diluted or misrepresented but Affiliate Marketing can still be a valuable addition to a well managed Online Marketing strategy.

– Continuous communication with Affiliate webmasters as well as unique and engaging promotions can increase Brand lift and create a positive working relationship with you and your affiliates.

– Your Affiliates are Brand Ambassadors, treat them as such.  Some of them likely are very savvy Online Marketing pros, learn from their success!

–  The major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and BING have been making sweeping and dramatic changes to their ranking algorithms.  Huge chunks of Affiliate Webmasters have seen their site traffic drop dramatically as a result.  This trend will continue as the Search Engines “reward” higher quality Brand websites with higher ranking.  It’s imperative that you understand how your Business stands to be effected so you don’t find yourself scratching your head in disbelief as this revenue stream begins to dwindle.
The team has working experience managing and growing Affiliate Marketing programs with some of the industry’s leading networks including Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkShare and Clickbank as well as inhouse proprietary programs.  If Affiliate Marketing were easy, every Brand would be wildly successful!  Understand and create an effective business relationships with your Affiliate Webmasters and it’s a win win situation!


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