Social Media Marketing and Advertising

“Engagement with the customer today isn’t just pouring a message down on their head and hoping they get wet.  It really is understanding that you must be present in a conversation when they want to have it, not when you want to.”  — Bob Thacker, former CMO of OfficeMax

What good is
a Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, or YouTube Channel,

if no one is seeing or
sharing your message ?


Most Marketing Agencies and “Social Media Experts” are skilled at telling you why you should use Social Media.  They may even sell you “customized” software or designs to help you get started.  However the actual Marketing happens after you’ve got those basics covered!  Unfortunately that’s where most of these experts conveniently remove themselves from the equation!  They don’t show you how to use these tools to Grow Better Business because in all likelihood, they’ve never done so themselves!  That’s where we’re different.


Before you even plant your Social Media Marketing seeds, you need to know:

  • WHO your customer is.
  • WHAT they are interested in talking about.
  • WHERE they spend their time and money.
  • WHY they should pay attention to your Brand or Business.
  • HOW you can get them to invite you into their lives and communities.


Growing Tip:  Plant these seeds often, and pay close attention!  Seedlings have tightly compacted roots and compete for nutrients.  Most will not reach blooming stage, however those that do will grow with wild abandon!

Expertise Level: Beginner to Moderate


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